Welcome to the Office of Michael J. Kittay, MD

Dr. Kittay is highly skilled in Addiction Medicine. His diagnosing and treatment aptitude is unsurpassed in his field as noted by his many patient testimonials.

Our Mission

Return To Good Health

ARCH is an Out-Patient Addiction Program for adults with alcohol and/or drug use disorders; co-occurring psychiatric disorders; and/or multi-addictions. Our goal is to nurture you back to good health free of chemical addiction.


For those who need help with Prescription Pain Medications and Heroine, Dr. Kittay is Federally Licensed to prescribe Suboxone and Vivitrol. These life changing medications are very safe and effective when superized by your Doctor.

Affordable – Save Money

ARCH’S Outpatient Services make Addiction Treatment, affordable and accessible to everyone. Waste no more money on expensive addiction habits such a drug purchases or long trips to out-of-state programs.

Addiction Medicine & Psychiatry

Approximately 50% of patients with an Addiction also have a co-occurring Psychiatric condition. Our Medical Doctor is a Harvard trained Psychiatrist and Boarded in Addiction Medicine who diagnoses and treats simultaneously.

Individualized Recovery Plan

You are unique and therefore your plan is customized to fit you! It will include strategic activities, recovery goals and a continuing care plan. We are “client-focused”… never “one size fits all”.

Immediate Openings

We understand that Addiction can’t wait so we schedule our patients immediately. New patient slots are on reserve and waiting for those in need. Please contact our office Monday/Friday between 9:00 am-4 pm: (978) 820-5500

Dr. Kittay Specializes In Addiction Medicine

Dr. Kittay is a Board Certified Addiction Doctor specializing in the treatment of Alcohol and Drug Misuse

ARCH Meets the Highest Standard of CareASAM_Logo

√  ASAM– The American Society of Addiction Medicine Level of Care Criteria – Out Patient Programs
√  NIDA – National Institute of Drug Abuse Standards For Alcohol and Substance Abuse and Dependency
√  SAMSHA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
√  CATOR– Comprehensive Assessment & Treatment Outcome Research Institute Recommendations

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