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ARCH Meets the Highest Standard of Care
√  ASAM – The American Society of Addiction Medicine Level of Care Criteria – Out Patient Programs
√ NIDA – National Institute of Drug Abuse Standards For Alcohol and Substance Abuse and DependencyBusinesswoman Leaning on Rail
√  SAMSHA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
√  CATOR – Comprehensive Assessment & Treatment Outcome Research Institute Recommendations

Board Certified Addiction Medicine
The ARCH Care Treatment Team is led by Michael J. Kittay, MD who is Harvard Medical School trained and Board Certified in Addiction Medicine.  Dr. Kittay is  highly skilled in Addiction Medicine holding many degrees and fellowships with mastery of the interrelationship of Internal and Psychiatric Medicine.  His diagnosing and treatment aptitude is unsurpassed in his field as noted by his many patient testimonials.  Dr. Kittay is a science based MD Psychiatrist as well as an Addiction Medicine  Specialist who uses only cutting edge and  proven medicine protocols.

Outpatient Treatment Works

  • Stay At Home
    An outpatient setting allows you to maintain the same treatment team throughout your recovery.  In order to succeed, patients need their Addiction Recovery Support Team close to home, not far away.
  • Affordable
    Outpatient care costs less than residential treatment counterparts as there are less costs associated with running an outpatient program.
  • Continue Working
    Being at home means you can continue to work while maintaining your normal career routine. Keeping up a presence at work prevents long unexplained absences ensuring your privacy.
  • Be Near Your Support
    Many people need the support of family and friends during recovery care. Outpatient care means you can attend medical and counseling sessions during the day, and return to supportive, caring arms of your family in the evening.
  • Near Your TriggersASAM_Logo
    The best way to change your Addiction Trigger Responses” is to:  be around them … then you can best put into practice, real life behavioral modification goals.

National Studies of “At Home Out-Patient” Settings = Greater Success Because:

  • Your medical team, social support and loved ones are nearby;
  • You can continue your real life daily routines making behavior modification effective;
  • You are near your triggers making it easier to identify and conquer;
  • You can stay at work which provides you with job income, continuity, and stability;
  • You can maintain your privacy as there are no long unexplained absences.

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