Our Mission

Vision History

  • ARCH was formalized as a Program in 2011 by its current Medical Director, Michael J. Kittay, M.D and Executive Director, Professor Diane E. Weir, CAGS, MS, RD.   Their expertise and extensive experience in Medicine, Addiction Care, Education and Business in combination with a highly successful Psychiatric Practice led directly to managing a specialized program in Addiction Care.Mission & Goals - Shutterstock_125662532
  • Dr. Kittay and Professor Weir recognized there is little to no Addiction Medical Services designed for the hard working business person  including, business executives, doctors, lawyers, nurses, and other working personnel.
  • ARCH’s Vision is to assist high functioning professionals and workers as they are often left out in the ‘care business’ as everyone thinks; they can take care of themselves.  This is not the case.  Care Givers, Leaders, and hardworking people need care too.


  • To provide addiction treatment services to adults for alcohol and substance use disorders, co-occurring psychiatric disorders, and/or multi-addictions.
  • Designed for high-functioning workers and professionals, such as: business workers, politicians, physicians, lawyers, nurses, and teachers; who want élite, respectful, confidential addiction care that does not disrupt work or home life.
  • Sensitivity to such issues as privacy, licensing, career and reputation is meticulously handled for this high profile group.
  • All patients receive Individualized Recovery Plans (IRP) and One-On-One Therapy with their Doctor, Psychotherapist, and Care Coordinator. There are no “one-size-fits-all” care plan or group meetings.


  • Our fundamental operating strategy is the belief that Addiction is a treatable medical and psychological disorder.  The best addiction program treats the whole person and focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit.
  • We are committed to recovery rooted in a medical model that blends best medical practices and personalized medicine to deliver state-of-the-art addiction medicine, psychiatry and psychological treatments.

Action Plan
The ARCH Out-Patient  Model
Outpatient Treatment – refers to those programs where the individual attends appointments and/or meetings during the course of the day with no stay at a facility overnight.  This allows the individual to maintain the normal “flow” of their daily lives in work, family, and friends.   ARCH is a medical model under the direction of Addiction Doctors who use Science based evidence to make clinical decisions for outpatient care:  from evaluation- to treatment – to aftercare.  Effective, accessible and proven medicine associated with sustained recovery is ARCH’s cornerstone.

Inpatient Care
Sometimes our patients need to begin with an inpatient program in order to stabilize their bodies in readiness for outpatient healing.  ARCH partners with only those Hospitals we believe offer the best Behavioral Health and/or Addiction In-Patient Care.

  • Safe:  A safe, warm, and supportive environment is essential to your recovery.  Our well trained medical staff are dedicated to helping people in their field of addiction care.  We pride ourselves in truly caring for our patients.
  • Private:  Care is carried out with utmost privacy within the setting of a doctor’s office suite.  We offer a private waiting room as well as privacy when entering or leaving the office building.  Just let our staff  know the level of anonymity you need and we will put your privacy protocol in place.
  • Comfortable:  Our Danvers’s office location is in a private 1800’s Federal style home away from the busy public and large medical centers.  We strive to make you as comfortable as possible when on the premises – fresh coffee, snacks, and restrooms are available and always with a smile.  Caring, understanding, and helping is the ARCH motto.

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