Addiction Psychiatrists

Addiction Psychiatrists are Medical Doctors
that graduate from medical school, complete medical residency programs and obtain further training in addiction.  kittay 1 86-#They are specially trained to diagnose and treat your addictions while attending to any psychiatric, medical or psychological problems.

At ARCH your Addiction Psychiatrist

  • Serves as your Treatment Team Leader while coordinating your care with other physicians and specialties such as: Obstetrics, Gynecology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Pain and Sleep Medicine;
  • Provides on-going follow up care for optimal sustained recovery;
  • Is available for consultations with patients seeking second opinions.

Our Addiction Psychiatrist Are Highly Skilled To Manage Alcohol And Substance Use Disorders Complicated By:

  • Co-existing Psychiatric Disorders;
  • Medical disorders related to addictions and high risk behaviors;
  • Poly-Drug use and dependency;
  • Women’s health issues including pregnancy;
  • Pain problems secondary to medical conditions;
  • Anxiety and sleep disorders;
  • Medical and psychological problems in older patients;
  • Substance related suicidal thoughts and behaviors;
  • Relapse.

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