Family Care

ARCH Addiction Recovery Services Include Family
A key component of Addiction Recovery is Family

  • Addiction recovery must meet your needs and those of your loved ones caught in the turmoil of your substance use;
  • Addictions leave families emotionally depleted and often threatened by financial ruin;
  • Mending broken relationships and healing emotional pain helps you and your loved ones restore harmony and trust to your lives;
  • Treatment of unhealthy relationships and dysfunctional family dynamics need to include addiction education and mental health services for your family;
  • Understanding how and learning to be in relationships and cope with family, specific living environment and social circles is incorporated into your treatment plan.

ARCH Family Services  “Caring for the Caretakers”

  • Addiction is a family disorder.  Providing services to restore the family is one of ARCH’s priorities.  Our Family Services include:
  • Evaluation and treatment of emotional, psychiatric and physical health problems within families as related to addiction.
  • Psycho education of the addictive process and specific addictions;
  • Cognitive behavioral family program;
  • Psychotherapy for individual family members and/or couples.

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