Designer Drugs

shutterstock_61005577Dangerous Effects on The Brain or Behavior
The term “designer drugs” refers to drugs that are created in an underground, secret, or illegal laboratory.  Designer drugs are also referred to as “Club Drugs” because of their use in night clubs and Rave parties.

A designer drug is created by changing the properties of a drug that comes from a plant—such as cocaine, morphine, or marijuana—using the tools of chemistry.  The resulting “designer” drugs typically have a new, different and dangerous effect on the brain or behavior.

Examples of Designer Drugs

  • Bath Salts
  • Synthetic Marijuana: Spice or K2
  • MDMA (Ecstasy)
  • Ketamine
  • GHB
  • Rohypnol
  • LSD – acid
  • Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth)


  • Substances sold as a particular drug are often really a mix including anything from LSD, PCP, Crystal Meth to caffeine.
  • Because the ingredients and potency of the substances mixed into each batch of drug is totally random and unpredictable, it impossible to know what is in them or what they can do to you.
  • These unknown mixtures can cause very dangerous side effects, such as seizures, memory loss, coma and even death.

“Bath Salts” … Not What Your Mother Uses
Extreme Danger!
“Bath Salts” are:

  • One of the Most Addictive and Dangerous Drugs on the Street;
  • A toxic cocktail with the worse effects of LSD, Ketamine, Cocaine, Crystal Meth;
  • Can cause intense panic attacks, delusions, hallucinations that lead to suicide and extreme violence, particularly ‘oral aggression”, such as biting;
  • This toxic mix of stimulant chemicals can be swallowed, snorted, or injected;
  • Have nothing in common with the harmless bath salts used in bath water.

Colorful “Bath Salt” Street Names:

Ivory Wave      Purple Wave      Red Dove       Blue Silk         Zoom        Cloud Nine      White Lightning

Ocean Snow    Lunar Wave       Vanilla Sky     Scarface         Bloom      Dynamite         Hurricane Charlie

Danger: Mixing “Bath Salts”, Alcohol and Marijuana Can Be Lethal
Alcohol and marijuana are often used to “reduce” the side effects of “Bath Salts”. This cyclic roller coaster ride means larger amounts of“Bath Salts” can be used again and again to increase its high. This use is especially dangerous because this mix forms chemicals that can literally stop your heart.

Even when “Bath Salts” are used alone:

  • 80-90 % of users have neurological damage;
  • 70-80 % experience cardiovascular damage;
  • 40-50 % have mental health problems;
  • 30-40 % of users who experienced mental health problems and suicidal thoughts and actions.. Huffington Post.

K 2 drugfacts Spice2 - NIDA
Synthetic Marijuana
Street Names

  • Spice
  • K2
  • Genie
  • Yucatan Fire
  • Nebula

Popular With Teenagers

  • The effect can be 4-5 times as potent as Marijuana;
  • Are more addictive then regular Marijuana;
  • Ware off quickly, so users mix the drug with Marijuana for a longer lasting high;
  • Hard to defect in routine drug screens;
  • Is sold as incense and easy to get in head shops and even online.

Ecstasy …  Not Such A Party
Ecstasy or MDMA is a Designer Drug that is a stimulant that causes psychedelic experiences.  This “club drug” is popular with young people at Raves.

Ecstasy can be Deadly!

  • The most common cause of MDMA-related death is due a rise in body temperature to the point of hyperthermia (overheating) l that leads to seizures and cardiac arrest;
  • Taking MDMA while on certain anti-depressants, stimulants or combining it with anti-AIDS drugs are potentially deadly mix;
  • The drug can cause severe and treatment resistant depression with increased risk of suicide.

Party Effects of Ecstasy

  • Heightening of physical sensations such as the sense of touch, the smell and taste of food, and the sound of music;
  • Feeling more positive self and others;
  • Loosening of social and moral inhibitions;
  • Increased emotional bond with acquaintances or strangers.

Ecstasy and Sex – Can Lead to Sexual Dysfuntion
Myth: There are countless myths about MDMA including that it is an aphrodisiac…not true… in fact it often leads to sexual dysfunction.

Phencyclidine or PCP
Also known as angel dust, love boat, lovely, elephant tranquilizer, crystal, crystal joints (CJs), TAC, hog, and the sheets. It was first used in the 1950’s as a general anesthetic with rapid onset but few side effects. It was rapidly discontinued in the mid 1960’s because it created problems such as losing contact with reality or depression for people after surgery.  By the late 1960s, it was solely used as a veterinary tranquilizer.

Also known as special K, vitamin K, and fort dodge, is a derivative of PCP (a powerful psychedelic drug) that has become increasingly popular. Although more difficult to produce than PCP, users can obtain large, inexpensive quantities from some veterinary pharmacies. Ketamine is commonly used in hospitals for sedation and pain relief.

    • These drugs distort perceptions of sight and sound producing feelings of detachment from the environment and self. Their effects depend on the dose and can cause:
    • Low-dose ketamine causes impaired attention, learning ability, and memory;
    • Low dose PCP and at higher doses of ketamine cause dreamlike states and hallucinations;
    • At still higher doses, PCP and ketamine can cause confusion, abnormal perception to sounds, movements and smells that result in intense fear and violence.

Date Rape Drugs – GHB and Rohypnol:

  • GHB and Rohypnol are central nervous system (CNS) depressants similar to sedative-hypnotic drugs such as Valium or Xanax;
  • Both drugs have been used to commit sexual assaults (also known as “date rape,” “drug rape,” “acquaintance rape,” or “drug-assisted” assault) due to their ability to sedate and incapacitate unsuspecting victims, preventing them from resisting sexual assault.
  • GBH is also used as a supplement for increasing nody muscle.

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