Alarming Concerns for People Middle Age & Older
Executives, Leaders, and Professionals are among the hardest working in the United States.  After years of education and personal sacrifice they reach their goals, but success comes at a price. The stress, mental/physical exhaustion, and personal neglect are risk factors for an array of medical and psychological issues; A fast and easy fix is self medicating with alcohol and drugs.Patients 45+ Shutterstock_117134461
According to the Journal of Molecular Psychiatry, 2012, Substance Dependency is Associated with:

  • Premature Brain Aging and early Dementia;
  • Decreased Intellectual ability and memory loss;
  • Poor judgment and decision making;
  • Brain to Shrink …. and the more you drink or use drugs the faster and more it shrinks.    Archive Neurology 2008
  •  Immune deficiencies…this can lead to all forms of cancer and serious infections.    American Journal of Medicine

An Opioid Prescription Epidemic in our Mature Population

  • In 2009, 75 % of all opioid prescriptions were written for people over 40;
  • 25% of all opioid prescriptions are prescribed to 40-59 year old patients;
  • 50% of all opioid prescriptions are prescribed to  patients 60 and older;
  • In 2008, the highest rates of overdose drug deaths was in the 45-54 age range and were due to opioid prescriptions;
  • Opioid pain relievers now account for more overdose deaths than cocaine and heroin combined!
  • The misuse of prescription opioids, stimulants, anxiety and sleep medications is often missed or ignored by health care providers.

ARCH Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Identifying and treating pain-related disorders commonly seen in this group such as:  arthritis, headache, lower back pain and muscular-skeletal pain.
  • Evaluating and treating co-existing anxiety and sleep disorder;
  • Identifying interactions between alcohol and substances with prescribed medication… for example high blood pressure or cholesterol medications;
  •  Screening for early signs of premature brain aging and psychiatric disorders.

Individualize Recovery Plan

  • Define personal goals and benchmarks;
  •  Manage complexities of the addiction;
  • Address professional and personal concerns;
  • Assist with resolution of licensing issues and disciplinary matters;
  • Recommend strategies for reputation restoration and career rehabilitation;
  •  Facilitate reentry into professional workplace;
  • Minimize damage to professional standing;
  • Provide a safe place to damaged relationships.

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