Addiction Is An Occupational Hazard For Attorneys!
An estimated 1 in 5 legal professionals has an active addiction or Substance Use Disorder.   Addiction rates in attorneys are nearly twice the rate of physicians and other licensed professionals.    Butler Center for Research, Hazelden Foundation.

The highest rate of Alcoholism and Substance Use Disorder is found in senior practitioners.Attorney Shutterstock_56239267
The number, proportion, and severity of alcoholic and drug addiction actually increase with age.   The very strengths most prized in the legal profession – analytic skills, problem-solving, intellectualization and persuasiveness – can be detriments to seeking addiction care and recovery.

ARCH Commitment to Confidentiality for Legal Professionals

  • Attorneys and legal professionals tell us concerns about privacy and anonymity are the greatest obstacle to getting early and effective addiction care.
  • Addiction Psychiatrists have the professional, ethical and legal duty to maintain complete confidentiality for all their patients with Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders.
  • At ARCH, privacy and confidentiality are vigilantly protected.

ARCH Private Care
The ARCH office is designed to provide a discrete, confidential environment with the highest privacy standards that include:

  • A private waiting room accommodating you and loved ones;
  • Access doors with private entrance and exit;
  • Direct entry into consultation and treatment areas;
  • One to one staff client ratio;
  • No required participation in group therapy or community based programs.

Individualized Recovery Plans for Legal Professionals
ARCH programs are designed to deliver outstanding and comprehensive addiction treatment to Judges, Attorneys, and other Legal Professionals.   Your Individualized Recovery Plan (IRP) defines your personal goals and benchmarks to ensure your needs are addressed.

Your IRP is designed to:

  • Manage the aspects and complexities of the addiction;
  • Address professional and personal concerns;
  • Assist with resolution of licensing issues and disciplinary matters;
  • Recommend strategies for reputation restoration and career rehabilitation;
  • Facilitate reentry into professional practices and organizations;
  • Help avoid malpractice and other legal entanglements;
  • Work to minimize damage to professional standing among clients and colleagues;
  • Provides a safe place where you and your loved ones can begin to heal damaged relationships.

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