Successful Workers Living the ‘Double Life’
Highly productive and successful workers have lots of responsibilities and work long hours.   Many workers suffer from stress, exhaustion, and/or burnout.   Many turn to stimulants, sedatives, or alcohol for relaxation or functionality.   Some are skilled at living a compartmentalized life, separating work and family from their alcohol or drug life.  They may even appear as if they are managing life quite well.workers  It can serve families, colleagues or employers to turn a “blind eye” to substance users who are productive and highly functional.  But one day, it catches up, sometimes when one hits bottom.

One in 10 employees in the U.S. have an alcohol problem and 1 in 3 employees are involved with some sort of illegal drug use.  Employees with alcohol and drug problems profoundly impact the morale and productivity of the organization where they work.    Drug Screening in the workplace has become quite common.  A positive drug test can lead to dismissal and the beginning of one’s  life unraveling and spinning out-of-control.

ARCH Individualized Recovery Plan
ARCH is designed to help hard working people.  The ARCH out-patient program is designed to keep you working.   Your Individualized Recovery Plan (IRP) defines your personal goals and benchmarks to ensure your needs are addressed and is designed to:

  • Manage the aspects and complexities of the addiction;
  • Address professional and personal concerns;
  • Assist with resolution of licensing issues and disciplinary matters;
  • Recommend strategies for reputation restoration and career rehabilitation;
  • Facilitate reentry into your professional practices and organizations;
  • Help avoid malpractice and other legal entanglements;
  • Work to minimize damage to professional standing among bosses, clients and colleagues;
  • Provides a safe place where you and your loved ones can begin to heal damaged relationships.

Confidentiality and Privacy for our Working Professionals
Our hard working men and woman tell us that concerns about privacy and anonymity can be an obstacle to getting early and effective addiction care.  At ARCH, privacy and confidentiality are vigilantly protected.  Addiction Psychiatrists have the professional, ethical and legal duty to maintain complete confidentiality for all their patients with Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders.  Please let us know the level of confidentiality you desire.

ARCH Private Care
Our offices have been designed to provide a discrete confidential environment with the highest privacy standards that include:

  • A private waiting room accommodating you and loved ones;
  • Access doors with private entrance and exit;
  • Direct entry into consultation and treatment areas;
  • One to one staff client ratio;
  • Addiction Psychologist recommendations;
  • Smart Recovery* group support if needed.

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