In 2006, over 571,748 women in the United States were admitted into substance misuse treatment programs… the number of new breast cancer cases was 182,460.  Women who develop substance misuse problems, report greater severity and experience more health-related consequences.

Having It All … Paying the Price
As the glass ceiling is broken, women have become leaders in medicine, law, business, engineering and architecture. This success comes with a price as women are still expected to play the roll of mother and wife, and to effortlessly juggle career, family and everything else.D

Despite progress, women are often paid less and expected to perform at higher levels for longer hours to compete in what is still a “man’s world”. These physical, emotional and mental demands are serious risk factors that add to a women vulnerability to addiction.

Alcohol related suicide among female physicians is 4 times higher than other females.

Case In Point:  Approximately 30 % of female surgeons especially those with children, have an alcohol misuse or dependence problem.  The emotional exhaustion, isolation, and depersonalization domains of burnout are strongly associated with the problem.    Archives of Surgery, 2012

ARCH Is Dedicated To Helping Women With Addiction
Women’s recovery outcomes depend upon access to proper gender specific care.  Experts increasingly identify gender as an important factor that influences addiction treatment and recovery.  The socioeconomic factors leading to addiction and the effects of drug addiction and alcoholism are different for men and women, and their physical and psychological responses to drugs and alcohol are also different.

Diagnosis and Treatment

  • ARCH programs are designed to deliver outstanding and comprehensive addiction treatment to Women Professionals and Executives.
  • Women get the care they need at ARCH with Individualized Recovery Plans.
  • Your Initial Assessment begins with a thorough evaluation focusing on the special needs of women and gynecological health.
  • Our doctors coordinate care with Obstetricians, Gynecologists and Endocrinologists when the need arises to ensure you receive the most comprehensive, discrete, confidential and exceptional care.

ARCH Care For Woman
Our Addiction Psychiatrists treat all aspects of Addiction, including addiction related Women’s Health issues throughout the female reproductive life cycle.

  • ARCH addresses the need for comprehensive addiction recovery plans tailored specifically tailored to women.
  • Women’s concerns about confidentiality and anonymity are the greatest obstacle to getting early and effective addiction help.  Our Addiction Psychiatrists have the professional, ethical and legal duty to maintain complete confidentiality for all their patients with Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders.
  • At ARCH, privacy and confidentiality are vigilantly protected.

Our offices have been designed to provide a discrete confidential environment with the highest privacy standards that include:

    • A private waiting room accommodating you and loved ones;
    • Access doors with private entrance and exit;
    • Direct entry into consultation and treatment areas;
    • One on one … staff to client ratio;
    • No required participation in group therapy or community based programs.

Treatment planning focuses on the unique concerns and needs of women. Your program will be individualized and gender specific to:

    • Develop coping skills and behaviors to balance career, marriage and children;
    • Provides a safe place where you and your loved ones can begin to heal damaged relationships.

Individualized Recovery Plans for Women
ARCH programs are designed to deliver outstanding and comprehensive addiction treatment to women.  Your Individualized Recovery Plan (IRP) defines your personal goals and benchmarks to ensure your needs are addressed and designed to:

  • Manage the aspects and complexities of the addiction;
  • Address professional and personal concerns;
  • Assist with resolution of licensing issues and disciplinary matters;
  • Recommend strategies for reputation restoration and career rehabilitation;
  • Facilitate reentry into professional practices and organizations;
  • Help avoid malpractice and other legal entanglements;
  • Work to minimize damage to professional standing among clients and colleagues;
  • Provides a safe place where you and your loved ones can begin to heal damaged relationships.

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