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  • Optimal Patient Care:  In order to provide you with Optimal Care, Dr. Kittay does not contract with Insurance Companies.  Today’s Insurance Company policies ask him to practice “fast-drive-through” medicine with a one-size fits all mindset. Dr. Kittay practices “Old Fashion” medicine!   He refuses to hurry his patients allowing them the time they need to properly:  diagnose, treat, and  manage their illness. Psychiatry is complex; and so are you.  There are no rush jobs at our office.
  • Reimbursed By Your Insurance Company:   As a “Self-Pay” office it means  you pay the Doctor when services are rendered and submit your receipts to your Insurance Company to collect your Reimbursement Check.  If you have an Insurance Plan that includes Behavioral/Mental health, than you will be entitled to some portion of fees paid.  Dr. Kittay’s office will supply you with all the necessary paperwork after each Office Visit for your reimbursement paperwork.   Check the back of your Insurance Card for a phone number to get assistance about your benefit reimbursement rates.
  • Reasonable Fees:  Don’t worry, our fees are very reasonable.  And with your Reimbursement Check, you may even get all your money back!    Our patients are very adept to filing for their reimbursement checks.  They say it is a small price to pay in exchange for the care Dr. Kittay gives them!
  • Testimonials:  See  our Patient “Testimonials” for more substantiation!

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